Physical Therapy

We currently accept WSI ND, BCBS, Sanford, Health Partners, Cigna, and Medicare for Physical Therapy!

Physical Therapy is an individualized treatment plan designed allow patients to regain their mobility, stability, strength, coordination, balance, and endurance to return clients to their highest level of function.

At Conservative Care Occupational Health a physical therapist is training to complete ergonomic evaluations to create proper and effective employment testing requirements to prevent unnecessary injures in the workplace to design a company specific testing protocol for their employees. Employers may request onsite evaluations of the work environment, tools, equipment, and procedures for their employees to provide recommendations to decrease workplace injuries.

Physical Therapy at Conservative Care Occupational Health works seamlessly with the treating providers to optimize the highest outcome for the employee. Physical Therapy treatment does not only focus on the client’s injury, but prevention education and training for safe material handling techniques.


Treatment conditions not limited to:


Back pain


Disc herniations


Degenerative Disc Disease




Radiating pain

Post-Surgical Intervention

Joint replacement



Piriformis syndrome

Hip/thigh pain

Knee pain

Ankle pain

Difficulty with walking

Shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis

Rotator cuff injuries

Shoulder impingement

Elbow pain

Tennis and Golfer’s elbow

Hand/wrist pain

Carpal tunnel

Neck pain

Nerve injuries

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Tension Headaches

BPPV dizziness

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

And more!