Physical Therapy

Paige Torgerson, PT, DPT

Paige received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of North Dakota in 2016. She focuses on injury prevention and post accident rehabilitation within occupational health. Paige holds certifications in Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling Level 1, WorkSTEPS, as well as courses in Advanced Spinal Manual Therapy and fall prevention with attention to post concussive rehabilitation. Paige plans to continue to specialize in occupational health physical therapy with attention to job site analysis, developing job descriptions, designing post offer employment physical capacity testing, FCE testing, and work hardening/conditioning programs.

Landmark Occupational Health Clinic offers Functional Dry Needling! Functional Dry Needling is a treatment intervention using a thin, monofilament needle inserted into a myofascial trigger point to reduce pain and muscle tightness by stimulating a muscle twitch response. A trigger point is taut band of hyperirritable muscle fibers or “muscle knot” and can produce referred pain that can produce discomfort away from the site of injury, often described as radiating pain. Myofascial trigger points can result from a specific injury or overuse which creates difficulty with stretching, activating the affected muscle, and activities involving the affected body part. Functional Dry Needling is used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries producing pain, such as back, buttock, shoulder, arm, leg, and headaches caused by muscle tension. Research has noted chemical substances are produced within an active trigger point that produce painful inflammation with abnormal electrical activity within the muscle which are normally electrically silent at rest. The scientific research regarding the reason dry needling is effective is unknown; however, research has found the dysfunctional muscle tissue stimulated with dry needling to elicit a local twitch response may return to a normal, resting state with appropriate treatment and I have noted clients to demonstrate improvement in mobility, strength, and reduced pain!

The Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation Program is available at Landmark Occupational Health Clinic by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a systematic approach designed to identify a client’s capabilities within 20 core Physical Demands of Work to establish a baseline for functional mobility or job-specific FCE is designed to determine ability to return to a specific job or target job. Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation has strong emphasis on safety, reliability, validity, practicality, and utility. This approach uses a variety of reliability and validity measures to determine reliability of pain and disability reports and physical effort. This program addresses a client’s positional tolerances, mobility, endurance, and safety with material handling individualized to each participant as related to work demands. The Matheson FCE System is supported by organizations such as the National Institute of Occupational Medicine and Rehabilitation,  American Physical Therapy Association, and American Psychological Association.